Get Off The MATCH List

You’ve been placed on MATCH. Stop Paying Higher Fees & Get Processing Again!

What does it mean if my business is on the MATCH List?

If your business has been placed on the MATCH list, or the Member Alert to Control High-Risk list, you know just how difficult running day-to-day operations are now… and how expensive it is to accept credit card payments if you’re even allowed to accept certain payment methods at all. Being placed on the MATCH list or ending up on the Terminated Merchant Files (TMF) list most often happens because of excessive chargebacks. This puts your merchant account at risk. If yours is an online business, you’re at more risk of ending up on these lists. It’s crucial to your bottom line and your business reputation to get off the MATCH/TMF lists.

How does being on the MATCH List negatively affect your business?

Once your business has ended up on these lists, the risk grows even more. Your business name, principal, and any business partners are all on record for being placed on the MATCH list and could be prevented from opening new merchant accounts elsewhere. Again, this poses additional risks for online businesses and additionally for investors providing capital to your business.

Getting off MATCH can save your business 8-12% just in processing fees alone! Remember when those same fees were only 1.5-3%? Getting there is possible again.

Global Legal Law Firm can help get those lower fees back, so you can get back to business.

We’ve been victorious against
First Data, PayPal, Intuit and more.

We’ve been victorious against First Data, PayPal, Intuit and more.

With an incredible success rate, you can rest assured that Global Legal can help you get off the MATCH list too.

Previous results do not guarantee or have any indication of your result, as each case is unique.

How Global Legal gets you off the MATCH List

We are your advocates.

Fighting the MATCH/TMF lists properly and for excessive chargebacks requires a firm with knowledge, skills, and relationships to advocate for you and your business. Protecting your business at this point is crucial.

Global’s founding partners, James C. Huber, and Christopher R. Dryden are recognized experts on both sides of this infamous MATCH/TMF coin. Inside the electronic payments industry, both Mr. Huber and Mr. Dryden sit on the boards of multiple organizations, which offers connections private business owners cannot touch on their own. Global’s confidence in advocating for clients placed on the MATCH/TMF lists stems from over ten years of experience working with merchants, processors, banks, IT providers, and several financial institutions. Their competency in guiding compliance with an ever-changing landscape regarding merchant business and non-traditional or high-risk products and services is unrivaled.

Our Process

It’s really this simple.

Quick & Free Consultation

With a detailed (but quick & free) 15-minute consultation with our expert attorneys, we can assess the best method to address your placement and potential removal from these business-changing lists. Be prepared to quickly share as much information as you can about why your business was placed on the MATCH list, including any fraudulent activity, identity theft, or excessive chargebacks.


Removal Process Begins

After our initial consultation, we’ll get started right away working with your processor to remove your business from the lists negatively affecting operations and costing you revenue. Because of Global’s inner connections, professional relationships, and profound knowledge and competence in handling these delicate situations, we are confident we can help with the removal process and further advise on best practices and industry-standard rules to follow moving forward so your business doesn’t face this again.